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How do I make changes? 

Please visit

We will do everything we can to accommodate your changes 


How do I pay for my trip?

1. Once you have submitted your request we will send you a quote and along with options to pay for your ride(s).

Can I book a trip with more than one stop?

1. Yes. If your trip has multiple stops, please put addresses in the notes section.

2. There is a charge for multiple stops.

3. You can also talk to your driver. We will attempt to accommodate your needs.  You will be billed for the extra stops. 

How do I know that my Request for a Ride has been scheduled?

1. Once you have accepted the quote and responded back with book the ride you are in our calendar 

2. Weekly and monthly rides will be charged once you have accepted our quote.  If you have to make changes or cancel a ride you will be given a credit. 

3. The day before your trip you will receive a text message confirming your ride with your driver's information.  

You can email if you have questions or concerns at any time and we will be more than happy to assist you. 

What additional charges I might incur other than what I was quoted.

1. Our rate factors in all fees associated with the service including tolls, parking, and airport fees that we may incur. 

   • An invoice will be sent to your email address the day of your ride. Unless you are purchasing multiple rides**  

   • Weekly and monthly rides will be charged once you have accepted our quote.

   • A payment receipt will be sent automatically to the email on file.

2. Due to the increase fuel charges there will be a fuel charge added to all rides.  your quote will have the fuel charge added to it.

3. All quotes are good for 45 days.  

4. Credits are good for 45 days from purchase.

What if I need to cancel the ride?  

1. There will be No FEE for a Cancellation over 24 hours. If you have already paid for your ride you will be issued a credit for the ride to be used at a different time.

2. Cancellations less than 24 hours will be subjected to a service charge; and or we will issue a credit to be used at a different time. Last minute ( less than 12 hour notice)  scheduling requests are subject to an increased rate.  Please contact us  at 832-684-5660

3. If you have receive a credit for a ride that ride is only good for 45 days from day of purchase.

What are the rates?

1.  Our rates are set by distance, one way, round trip and discounts for multiple rides. We will send you a quote, once you have submitted a request. Quotes are only good for 45 days. 

How do I reach RIDE N GO?

You can reach us via email at:

Or you can call us at: 832-684-5660.

Thanks for visiting us today!


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