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Who We Are

Our Vision at RIDE N GO is to transport individuals & children from one place to
another in a safe manner with providing the best customer service possible. 
          Our Promise to Our Customers:
• We will support both the driver and the rider
• We provide communication with the rider, payer 
• We will track the vehicle and share information if needed 
• We will resolve any issues with a professional attitude and in a professional manner 
• We will provide feedback to the driver/parent when asked or is needed
• We will do all we can to accommodate the riders needs 
• Our Drivers will have a complete background check
• Our Driver will provide a safe, clean car
• Our Drivers are insured and trained 
• Our Drivers will be on time or early- will communicate if running late 
• Drivers will communicate with the passenger regarding location, time and arrival 
• Our Drivers will follow all state road rules 
• Our Drivers will have age appropriate music, conversation
• Our Drivers will not make unexpected stops 
• Our Drivers will not answer phone, text while car is in motion- all cars are hands free 
• Our Drivers will not eat or drink while car is in motion
• Our Drivers will help the rider get in and out of vehicle if needed 
• Our Drivers will communicate with parents/child on arrival, departing, and final destination by text 

to schedule your transportation needs
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please text at 832-684-5660
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